Welcome Home - Margot Bowman & Lior Ben Gai

From June 22 to July 24, 2016

Welcome Home is an interactive project that invites to build a new home, a shelter or a simple haven. On the surface of a seascape several objects, pieces of wood, building materials as well as everyday objects, floatand drift alone. Anybody can use these objectes moving and assembling them into a floating cohesive domestic space to be shared then with anyone else.
The project by Margot Bowman and Lior Ben Gai can be understood as a metaphore about the present political and economical condition. In the middle of the sea – Europe natural borders – several objects from the past are drifting. Our task is to abandone the usual and short-sighted point of view that would lead us to consider them as single, heterogeneous objects that cannot fit and stick together. The artists invite us to accept and embrece the complexity of the life condition in the contemporary world and to transform it in a strong point. Starting frome here we are supposed to create a communal place that would be at the same time a jumble as well as safe shelter.

Margot Bowman is an artist and creative director telling cultural stories using new media.
She combines her curiosity about new technology with creative thought to explore the junctions and relationships between humans and new innovations in our world and exploring the notion of the “new normal”. Her approach sees her working across moving image, web, creative direction and illustration to explore how we live today.

Lior Ben Gai is an Israeli digital artist, working in various digital mediums since 2008. His commercial work includes museum installations and exhibits, mobile games, web applications and custom interactive software. As an independent artist, he uses generative strategies and computational creativity to produce expressive software, animation and sound. He is emotionally drawn to computer generated graphics, strongly believes in project based learning and enjoys thinking about things he’s never thought about before.