#Eden - Mara Cassiani

From March 9 at the sunset to April 9, 2016

#Eden by Mara Cassiani is a call to experience a mystical pilgrimage, an introspective voyage in which the idolatry of the body and its wellness becomes a ritual and meditative practice. The artist creates a multi-sensorial ecosystem where the luxurious experience of the Spa refers – through the use of ritual objects, motivational quotes and mantras – to the human desire of harmony, hydration and liquefaction of the body.
For the exhibition at Link Cabinet #Eden emulates the aesthetics of a common Spa website, offering a number of meditational instruments. Images, animations, sounds and mantras will be regularly uploaded on the website and will be freely available. Downloading these resources on his personal devices, the audience will enjoy a mystical and truly personal experience.

Courtesy of the work: Centrale Fies Art Work Space

Mara Cassiani is an artist working in the realms of performance, choreography and new media. Her research is focused on creating a contemporary iconography, where new rituals and languages stem from the Internet and memes. The relationship with her audience at large is explored via those visual imageries, soliciting its awareness of the discontinuity between media streaming and the users’ consciousness. Recent works include: YOU AND ME AND EVERYWHERE (2012), TRASHX$$$ (2012-13), MMXIV ICONOGRAPHY (2014), JUSTICE (2015), You can (not) Advance (2015).