Algorithmic Memories - Marco Cadioli

From May 6 to May 30, 2015

Algorithmic Memories presents a series of videos generated by Google+ for its users, and investigates some crucial current topics such as the representation of the self in social networks and the standardization of emotions and memories.
“Year in Photos” is the title of the videos that Google+ made for its users as an end of the year 2014 gift. All these videos have been generated by an algorithm selecting the images that were supposed to be the best among the ones on the user account. Some of them are the actual shooting; others have been generated by a software able to pinpoint the best smiles among similar pictures and combine them in a single, perfect pic. Selected, cropped and combined with a soundtrack, these images are assembled following a specific sequence that remains the same in all videos. Cadioli places selected “Year in Photos” videos side by side on the same web page, allowing the viewer to identify similarities and recurring patterns, and bringing to visibility the increasing, though usually almost invisibles role played by algorithms not just in the selection of available content, but also in the management of the storytelling and the representation of the self. A phenomenon that, according to the artist, is generating an effect of standardization of memories and emotions, in a context in which the format is much more important that the content.

Marco Cadioli lives and works in Milan, where he is a lecturer at the Accademia di Comunicazione. Selected solo shows include Der Neue Wanderer (Overfoto, Napoli 2009) andAbstract Journeys (Gloriamaria Gallery, Milan 2012). Since 2004 he participated in festivals and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, including: Premio Michetti, Francavilla al Mare 2005; Superneen, Milan 2006; Netspace, MAXXI, Rome 2007; Atopic Festival, Paris 2009 and 2010; FotoGrafia, Macro Testaccio, Roma 2010; Neoludica, Biennale di Venezia 2011; AFK, Casino Luxembourg 2011; BYOB, Museo Pecci Milan 2012; InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto 2013.