INTERMEZZO Before the Flowers - Davide Prati

From August 9 to September 10, 2017

Before the Flowers is a 3D animation created with three.js. The work is inspired by a research about Fukushima nuclear disaster effects on vegetation. Althought the radiations generated sensible mutations, the elements and geometric forms that make a flower recognizable are still visible. This project is based on a research developed during the last few years, combining programming and botany. Before the Flowers plays with the mathematical formula that describes phyllotaxis – that is the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem – and its modification in a short span of time. The flower created is displayed in the browser on Link Cabinet webpage and it can be roteted, twisted, turned upside down, moved around and seen from any point of view with a simple movement of the mouse.

Davide PratiĀ  is a graphic programmer interested in the natural processes that give shape to water, terrains, trees, mountains and clouds. In the last couple of years he focused mainly on plants, and he has developed a set of open source tools to generate trees, leaves and flowers. Since 2006, he’s a member of the art group IOCOSE.